The listing is compiled in partnership with data provider Statista and shows the European businesses that have experienced the greatest compound annual growth (CAR) between 2012 and 2015.

For example, if a company achieved total revenue of €1.5 million in 2012 and total revenue of €7.5million in 2015, the average yearly increase is listed at 71%.

To be included in the ranking a company must have revenue of at least €100,000 generated in 2012 and revenue of at least €1.5 million generated in 2015.

It must be independent and headquartered in one of 31 European countries.

Among the companies featured is Rivers Leasing in 186th place, with CAR of 95.6%.

Established in 2010, Rivers Leasing is an independent niche asset finance funder, specialising in providing lease and asset finance to businesses and organisations, concentrating on lease values between £2,000 and £50,000.

Ratan Daryani, managing director, said: “This is a recognition of the hard work and commitment of the Rivers Leasing team. The team’s focus on providing excellent and efficient customer service is at the core of what Rivers Leasing set out to do seven years ago, while the strong relationships we have built with our brokers, introducers, customers and supporters over the years are tangible evidence of the emphasis we place on personal interaction. They too are very much a part of the company and its values.”

Daryani has a professional history in management and finance at international corporations including the Virgin Group.

Other businesses in the sector that are featured include Ficomsa in 35th (CAR 181.9%), Masthaven, ranked 240th (CAR of 82.2%), NordLeasing in 676th (CAR 34.3%) and Liberty Leasing in 861st (CAR 24%).

A range of FinTech companies are also listed, including the UK’s Optal in 7th (CAR 297.1%), Swedish firm iZettle in 21st (CAR 215.4%), UK firm Epos NOW in 46th (CAR 156.1%), French company Lemonway in 65th and the UK’s RateSetter in 78th (CAR 133.7%).

Overall, the greatest number of FT 1000 companies (78) are based in London, Paris is second with 45 companies, followed by Milan with 34 and 32 in Berlin.